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Mobile geotactic RPG
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Launching soon
As if a Pokemon GO and Minecraft had a Very Angry Baby
Create and sell in-game items. Earn in-game virtual currency and spend it in the way you like. Transparent history of each game item: creator, rarity, price change, win rate and many other interesting parameters.
Trade with other players

Upgrade and equip your character with the items you crafted of resources collected from the real world objects to fight other players from all over the world. Use advantages of your unique region features and its materials to craft legendary items.
PVP/PVE Battle
Game resources are everything that surrounds you. Find resources in Real World. Our neural network allows to "breakdown" real world objects and collect game resources from them. For example to collect steel find and take photo with car. Some rare items can only be found in Augmented Reality mode.
Collect Resources
Create legendary weapons and armor from what you found in reality. The game has hundreds of items of equipment with unique characteristics (durability, weight, battle qualities etc.). Find, craft and upgrade them all. All elements have different level of rareness and thus chance of occurrence depending on the character level. Free farming and exceptional sense of humor enables players to customize their characters the way they like it.
Craft Weapons
Collect Resources
Your phone is now a mining device! Take a snap of a car, for instance, and AR Craft will break it down into steel
and rubber. Our AI will identify almost anything. On top of that, you can find valuable items in Augmented Reality mode.
steel +23
Gears +42
Glass +11
Wires +18
Craft Weapons
Free farming and exceptional sense of humor enables players to customize their characters the way they like it. You really can craft Poobaseball bat :) Find recipes and craft legendary items.
a Character
Choose the way speciality and abalities of your character wisely - all of it will impact in gameplay.
ARCraft features common RPG mechanics like level mechanics and skillset upgrades (endurance, luck, intelligence, perception, etc.) which will help players farm more resources, increase the chance of rare resources, crafting speed etc.
Develop a Character

Take part in combat seasons, complete daily and monthly quests and get unique rewards. Find secret locations in the real world with the help of AR mode and open loot boxes with rare resources.

Discover unique awards
Fight other players around the world, conquer territories, attack and loot other players' bases in PVP mode, or fight huge bosses and mobs in PVE for a solid reward.
PVP/PVE Battles
soon we will open access to the beta version of the game. Players who take part in the testing and leave feedback or find bugs will receive a pioneer pack the first time they launch the game after the official launch. The pack will include a set of rare armor and a random rare weapon.

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